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Believing Yourself Blessed: The Adventure of Abraham

Believing Yourself Blessed: The Adventure of Abraham

The Christian’s life is not motivated by an attempt to be more blessed.  The Christian’s life is motivated by the guarantee of blessedness.  You, in Christ, are blessed already with every spiritual blessing.  Discovering your blessedness is the key to joyful, victorious living.  Join Pastor Wright for ten, life-changing messages from the story of Abraham.  When God called Abraham, He made a unilateral declaration to the patriarch: “I will bless you.”   As Abraham believed himself blessed, God called it faith and credited it to him as righteousness.  Discover God’s commitment bless you and allow the assurance to fill your heart with faith.  You’ll discover how the gospel brings contentment, how joy comes and faith grows.  Walk with Abraham and believe yourself blessed!

Contains 10 audio messages on CD. Click on picture of cover for description of individual messages.

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