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NEW! God Help Us

We’ve all heard messages about how important it is that we serve Jesus, but what if Christianity isn’t as much about you serving Christ as it is about Him serving you? Peter was shocked when Jesus sought to wash the disciple’s feet. Never, Peter said as he pulled his feet away from the Lord. “Jesus answered him, ‘If I do not wash you, you have no share with me’” (John 13:8, ESV).

Can you hear Jesus imploring the fisherman Peter, Peter, if you won’t even let me wash your feet, how will you ever let me die for you? Maybe God is also calling out to you: Please let me serve you! Please let me help you!

In six radical messages, Pastor Alan Wright turns conventional thought upside down as he retells the astonishing story of the Master turned Servant. If you want to serve God maybe it’s time to let Him serve you like never before.

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